About In-Store

Distribution of Audio and Visual content with the click of a button

Why does your business need In-Store Media - ?

These days, offering a service or product is not enough - it is all about the customer experience. If your customers come away feeling informed and well served, this will set you apart from the pack.

An effective In-Store Media solution will allow you to take advantage of your own retail space and engage directly with customers and staff alike. All the traffic that you have worked so hard to get through your doors - now you can engage with them in a more meaningful way and really build relationships.

Audio & Visual media needs to be implemented from a platform that is centrally controlled, easily updated, interactive, and can collect data for you on training reviews, customer feedback, and track audience measurement and trends.  

Separate audio & visual solutions

MMX In-Store are sole agents for global leaders in both audio & visual media platforms:
- Audio distribution solution (Barix, Switzerland)
- Visual distribution solution (Four Winds Interactive, Colorado).
Why go with anyone else when you can use platforms already proven to be the best?

Once your software system is installed you can then count on MMX Productions to give you the best high quality audio & visual content at bulk rates to ensure your system investment is always showing your best side, with fresh and relevant content.