In-Store Radio

Create your own in-house Radio Station


MMX In-Store are sole agents for Barix in the region. By choosing a proven international software solution like Barix for your radio network, you are taking the risk out of your implementation, with seemless upgrades and powerful reporting tools at your disposal.

Once implimented, the network is managed by MMX, ensuring all units are working correctly, music libraries are licenced and regularly updated, and content schedules are broadcast in line with client promotions and events. You can also enjoy quality audio production by MMX Productions for your own advertising and annoucements, and ensure that your station broadcasts quality and relevant audio content.

BARIX Head Quarters are in Zurich, Switzerland - catering for many international customers across Education, Hospitality, Retail and Transportation sectors. BARIX are market leaders for scalable In-Store Radio solutions, and their SoundScape platform allows powerful scheduling and reporting functions on multi channel solutions. Continuous Software upgrades ensure your radio solution keeps up with latest developments at no extra cost.


Our In-Store Radio solution involves a small unit linked up to the in-store PA system and internet (or dongle). Customers select from several libraries of fully licensed music tracks. These libraries are constantly updated with latest releases every month. Different playlists can be scheduled for different retail outlets, depending on demographics and market interests.

Your Radio channels are controlled centrally by a sophisticated scheduling tool, allowing the easy integration of promotional content with selected music playlists. Different times of day can switch to different playlists. Different days can switch to different content. Full reports can be instantly downloaded to show what played where & when.

If the client does not have PA systems already installed at their distribution points, MMX In-Store offer a simple yet effective portable unit that comes with speakers that can be installed up on the wall as a self contained audio unit