Giving back a little

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of living, to try and give back a little. Women are often the hardest working and most vulnerable members of our rural communities. MMX gives wool to women to knit from home to help them generate a little income alongside thier existing family routines and often inflexible lifestyles. These items are purchased by MMX, who then sells them on to schools and urban markets at cost. MMX engaged local schools in the production of winter scarves for their uniforms, with 70-80% of the sales price going to the knitters. Imported wools for quality crochet blankets are imported, but achieve a lower 65% return to the knitters. Sourcing this wool (sadly Zimbabwe no-longer produces it's own quality wools) is increasingly difficult with the local currency issues and inability to pay for international purchases, but we are working on some solutions to remedy this.