Modern and professional equipment

Sound Studio
A professionally sound proofed and acoustically treated studio - with floating floors, suspended ceilings and a pleasant amount of natural daylight – Media Matrix offers 50 square meters of fully air conditioned recording space, fitted with Pro Tools HD, Apple MAC and Genelec 5.1 surround monitoring. There are three separate recording areas - the main control room, a voice-over booth and a live room.

Edit Suite
Our edit suite enjoys a powerful workstation which has been customized specially for video editing and motion graphics. We can edit and deliver video products in just about any format, whether it is destined for TV, Blu-ray, DVD, the web or mobile. We also use a variety of different software tools to integrate high quality graphics and 3D work into our videos.

Film Gear
MMX Productions enjoys sharing the same premesis as their sister company - MMX Rental - that offers Zimbabwe's best range of professional film and audio equipment. From cameras and audio mixers, drones, lights, grips, the full compliment for a high end production is available to us through shared investors.