Corporate Marketing

Company profiles that communicate what matters to you

Corporate videos are a great tool to showcase a business, and this is where the bulk of paid production has been in Zimbabwe over the last 15 years.

Effective corporate videos incorporate tasteful shots of products, facilities, people & places - woven together by a well-written script, appropriate sound tracks and high quality production value.

This can then be customised for the preferred distribution method – TV, video, web viewing or presentation to a live audience.

DJI Inspire 1 Aerial Photography

We shot this aerial footage out a Gomokarera which is about 40 minutes north of Harare. The Inspire 1 is definitely the drone of choice and takes beautiful 4K footage. There are two controllers: one f...


We filmed this promo video on a C300. The camera takes beautiful shots and was definitely the camera of choice for this project.

AMH Video

This is a corporate video we shot for AMH to help them tell their story in a more engaging way. We used a Sony EX3 which is a good old work horse. A flex-tracks dolly was used for all the moving shots...

Old Mutual Corporate Video

Old Mutual Corporate Video Presentation for Botswana Conference

Zimplow Corporate Video

This is a corporate video we did for Zimplow to be used to market their new brand. In the process of making the video we travelled to various locations around the country: Bulawayo, Shamva, Ruwa, ...