Tilta Follow Focus
This follow focus is for 15mm Rod Support Systems. Easy to set up and ideal for for flexible focus pulling. This follow focus has 2 hard stops. Fits our Samyang Prime lenses.

Daily rate:  $28.75
Weekly:  $115.00

Shoulder Mount
With this nice shoulder mount you can make stady handheld images. Can be fitted to many different camera models, including DSLR.

Daily rate:  $28.75
Weekly:  $115.00

Matte Box
This click on Matte Box has 2 4x4 filter sliders and comes with a french flag. It has a 77mm Ø donut and fits our Samyang Prime Lenses and our EX3 cameras.

Daily rate:  $9.20
Weekly:  $36.80

Camera Filters 4×4 Glas
To go with our matte boxes we offer the following 4x4 filters: ND3+ND6 Soft edge grad ND3+ND6 Hard edge grad ND3+ND6 Polarizer

Daily rate:  $9.20
Weekly:  $36.80

Panasonic BT-LH1700W
Panasonic BT-LH80WE 17 inch Multi-Format HD/SD broadcast monitor with integral waveform display. It has SDI/Video in. It comes in a handy flight case and mount for stand. V-Lock battery option available. Ideal for commercial productions as client monitor.

Daily rate:  $92.00
Weekly:  $368.00

Panasonic BT-LH80WE
Panasonic BT-LH80WE 7.9 inch Multi-Format HD/SD monitor with integral waveform display and focus assist. It has SDI/Video in. Comes with 4 batteries, BNC cable and a double charger. Ideal as a field monitor.

Daily rate:  $51.75
Weekly:  $207.00

TVLogic VFM-056WP 5.6" Monitor
5.6 1280 x 800 3G-SDI HDMI Monitor BNC connectors. Comes with camera mount.

Daily rate:  $34.50
Weekly:  $138.00

Go Pro Suction Cup
This suction cup let s you rig the Go Pro camera on any flat surface. Ideal for car mount.

Daily rate:  $8.05
Weekly:  $32.20

Go Pro Chest Mount
This chest mount let s you rig the Go Pro camera on your body. Ideal for action shots and when you need both hands free while shooting.

Daily rate:  $8.05
Weekly:  $32.20

Go Pro Head Mount
This mount let s you rig the camera on your head or helmet. Ideal for action shots.

Daily rate:  $8.05
Weekly:  $32.20

Motorola 5522 Intercom System
These two way radios have at least a 2 km range in flat, open spaces. They have 8 channels. The set includes 6 walkies with 4 ear-pieces and microphones.

Daily rate:  $46.00
Weekly:  $184.00

Clapper Board
Clapper board incl. pen.

Daily rate:  $5.75
Weekly:  $23.00