Grips & Stands

FlexTrak Dolly
This versatile dolly allows you to move the camera smoothly. The tracks are flexible, so you can make any curve you like. Included 1 set of tracks for 5 meters. With the additional track you get 12 meters. Tripod not included.

Daily rate:  $92.00
Weekly:  $368.00
Additional track
Daily rate:  $23.00
Weekly:  $92.00


DAILY RATE:  $172.50
WEEKLY:  $690.00

Portable Dolly
This is a light weight, portable dolly with aluminium tracks. Set up within minutes. 3.60 meters of tracks.

Daily rate:  $51.75
Weekly:  $207.00

Porta Jib Traveller
This Jib Arm goes up to 2,30 Meters and comes in a portable bag. It includes a tripod and has a 75mm bowl. Camera Head not included.

Daily rate:  $92.00
Weekly:  $368.00

Kessler Cine Slider
This slider is 1,2 meters long and comes with a crank handle and drag control. Comes with optional camera head.

Daily rate:  $57.50
Weekly:  $230.00

The most versatile stand for any purpose. Includes gobo head and gobo arm.

Daily rate:  $11.50
Weekly:  $46.00

Baby C-Stand
The little brother of the c-stand. Ideal for getting lights very low. Including gobo head and gobo arm.

Daily rate:  $9.20
Weekly:  $36.80

Strong Riser (3 sections) on Wheels
This sturdy riser has 3 sections, a gobo head and comes on wheels, which can be taken off if need be. Goes up to 4.20 meters.

Daily rate:  $17.25
Weekly:  $69.00

Riser (2 sections) strong
This sturdy riser has 2 sections and is ideal to mount bigger lamps like HMI s. Up to 2.90 meters.

Daily rate:  $11.50
Weekly:  $46.00

Riser (2 sections) medium
This riser has 2 sections and is ideal to mount medium sized lamps lamps like Arri 2 kw Fresenel. Up to 2.90 meters.

Daily rate:  $9.20
Weekly:  $36.80

Low boy
This riser has 2 sections and is ideal to mount many types of lamps low. Up to 2.00 meters.

Daily rate:  $9.20
Weekly:  $36.80

Light stand
Your everyday light stand. 2 sections. Up to 2.80 meters.

Daily rate:  $6.90
Weekly:  $27.60

Light stand small
Your everyday light stand, just a bit smaller. 2 sections. Up to 2.20 meters.

Daily rate:  $5.75
Weekly:  $23.00

Super Clamp
Ideal for rigging lights and other things. Spigot included.

Daily rate:  $5.75
Weekly:  $23.00

Gaffa Grip
Versatile tool for reflector boards and rigging lights. Ask for spigot.

Daily rate:  $5.75
Weekly:  $23.00

Magic Arm
A simple, but magic device for al sorts of rigging.

Daily rate:  $8.05
Weekly:  $32.20