Please note prices are in USD. Should you wish to pay RTGS/Bond, the official rate applies (currently 10.1292)

Samyang Cine Lense Kit
This Cine Prime Lense Kit includes a 16mm (t 2.2), 24mm(t 1.5), 35mm (t 1.5), 50mm (t 1.5), 85mm (t 2.2) and 135mm (t 2.2) full frame lens. They have Canon EF mount. They come in a handy flight case and with lense hood. Ideal for high end productions.

Full kit
Daily rate:  US$ 172.50
Weekly:  US$ 690.00
Single lense
Daily rate:  US$ 34.50
Weekly:  US$ 138.00

Canon 24-105mm Zoom
This is the 24-105mm zoom lense. It s F/4 and has a build in stabilizer. Perfect for Canon DSLR.

Daily rate:  US$ 34.50
Weekly:  US$ 138.00

Canon 17-40mm Zoom

DAILY RATE:  US$ 34.50
WEEKLY:  US$ 138.00

Canon EOS-M4-3 Manual Focus Lens Adapter Ring Mount
Manual Focus Lens Mount Lens Adapter Ring for Canon EOS Lens to Fit for Panasonic Olympus Micro M4/3 Mount Camera Body

Daily rate:  US$ 9.20
Weekly:  US$ 36.80