AfrooNET Wifi

Build interactive relationships with your customers in your retail spaces...

AfrooNET is a branded wifi platform that delivers free high speed content to personal devices at no data cost. It allows real time interaction, transactions, live chat and back end analytics for you to develop your customer relationships.

It is almost inconceivable that half the world's population remain offline, falling further behind without access to this essential tool..... If they  cannot get online because of cost of network , we need to find another way of getting it to them.

Our mission is to develop solutions that allow marginalised audiences to be included in the digital community of online media, online transactions and real time interaction. 

This is AfrooNET.

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  • Interactive in-store relationships with your customers? 
  • To deliver rich media content to audiences, at no cost to them?
  • To collect live feedback, surveys, self-service transactions, digital rewards - without having to install expensive kiosks and systems?
  • To create regular fresh audio & visual content for distribution.