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MMX Post is a recent addition to our list of services at MMX. We’ve been a production house for over a decade now and have produced a range of projects from commercials and documentaries to even a few feature films and TV series. All has been done in house from the initial concept and pre-production, to film production in the field and then all the post and finishing. We’re now taking the leap into offering our Post-Production Services as a stand-alone and look forward to working with clients from all over the world.

Audio Post


Final Mix

MMX Post can take care of all your Final Mix requirements whether it’s a TV commercial, documentary or full length feature. We take pride in meticulously cleaning up and sonically enhancing your masterpiece so that it delivers the maximum emotional impact for your audience. Your sound needs to be so good that it almost goes unnoticed, that’s when we know our job is done. With over 15 years experience, Brendon Sole leads the team at MMX Post. He’s worked in world class audio post facilities and brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise. 


Sound Design

We like to see Sound Design as just another tool in the storytelling process. Like music or a film score it can add real depth and bring a life like realism to the picture. We have access to an extensive library of sound effects and our ProTools system is loaded with many sound warping audio sourcery plugins. If you need all the bells and whistles, we can do that too! Lastly if your budget can stretch further we’re always keen to get out in the field to record any custom sound effects.


Audio Editing

Working with clean audio is the secret to an immersive motion picture experience. MMX Post is well versed in editing dialog and production sound so there are no noticeable transitions between talent on screen. We also apply noise reduction to dialog where necessary which can really make all the difference when stacking layers of atmos and music on top.   


5.1 Surround

Should your final mix need to be delivered in 5.1 we’re ready to help and assist you. More and more streaming services now have this as a minimum requirement. For Dolby Atmos we would normally do a pre-mix in 5.1 and then transfer the project over to a highly recommended Dolby Atmos ready studio. We would facilitate this whole process and find the most cost effective solution for you.  


Voice Overs & Narration

If you’re looking to record a larger than life voice-over for a commercial, or a more intimate documentary narration we’ve got the tools and experience to help you. Whether it’s a wild take or needs to be done to a picture reference, just send the video files along before your session and we’re good to go. 


Remote Access

It is now a given that any audio post facility worth its salt should have good remote access for its clients. MMX Post takes this very seriously and we want you to feel like you’re right here, in our studio drinking the best cup of rocket fuel coffee in the land! We’ve worked with Source Elements for over a decade and have connected with many happy clients during this time. If you need to dial into the studio to sign off a voice-over or do a Final Mix review in real time we can make it all happen. 

Video Post



Here at MMX Post we take pride in enhancing your story through the edit and at the same time not drawing attention to the process. Your motion picture should eb and flow with the right pace and rhythm, taking into full consideration the right music choices, sound and graphical elements. Our professional in-house editors have an eye for detail and will help breathe new life into your production.


Colour Grading

While picture editing is the foundation of what we do at MMX Post, we can also take care of all your Colour Grading needs. Like a good sound mix, a well executed grade can really make your images pop on screen. Our Davinci Resolve 4k machine is a powerful workhorse and well equipped to handle almost anything we throw at it. 


Motion Graphics

We know how important it is to stand out from the crowd. That’s what we do for a living, and it’s getting harder and harder these days with all the noise out there on social media. Motion graphics can really raise the production value of your project and we have the expertise to help you. 



We’ve worked with a number of clients over the years carrying out translation and subtitling services for them. Foreign language versions are becoming more important if you want to reach a wider audience these days. Contact us today if you want to find out more. 


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