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MMX Fixers understand what is needed for a production to run smoothly in Zimbabwe. Incoming crews can engage with a one-stop-shop in finding support crew, cast, locations, equipment, permits & clearance, accommodation and vehicles. Together with a wealth of local information and local networks, MMX Fixers can make your Zimbabwean production a good experience for you and your client.


Permits & Accreditation for travelling crew into Zimbabwe can sometimes be slow and complicated. MMX has established good relationships with the overseeing authorities over our years of operation. This allows us to make this permissions process as smooth and painless as possible for incoming crews.


Roads in Zimbabwe are not in great condition, especially for those great remote locations. Hiring the appropriate fleet for your intended terrain, with reliable support in the event of bad luck, is key to a successful shoot. MMX can arrange 4x4 hire, vans, trucks, any other production vehicle hire that you require to join your convoy.


Accommodation on arrival, or on locations - MMX can handle reservations, payments and special requests. 
MMX also offers 3 fully serviced luxury studio apartments for travelling crew who would like comfortable & convenient accommodation on site at our MMX studios & facilities. 


Zimbabwe is well known for their smiley, gentle people, despite the poor international press received. However security is important, especially with bigger crews, and MMX can arrange the appropriate security to accompany convoys, assist on locations, or at accommodation, as required.

Support Crew

Producers, Directors, DoP's, Editors, Sound technicians, Gaffers, Grips, Runners, Translators - let us know what local crew you need to source for your production and we will source the most relevant crew for the type of production you are working on.

Gear Solutions

Either assistance with clearing imported equipment into the country, or in hiring equipment locally to reduce the amount of hassle and cost in bringing in gear that can be sourced locally. Gear importation for some elements (i.e drones) can be complicated, and local gear hire could be less troublesome and less expensive if you know where to find it.

Casting Services

Having worked on location productions in Zimbabwe for over 10 years, MMX has established relationships with local talent and casting services, to assist you in getting the best and most suitable local talent for your Zimbabwean production

Production Research

MMX can extend services into the necessary research and ground work for various productions that require networks with local journalists, businessmen, artists and organizations which can be done prior to your arrival in Zimbabwe.

Location Scouting

Zimbabwe has some of the most breathtaking locations, relatively untapped and unseen. MMX has extensive local knowledge on hidden locations, local languages, cultures and interests. Use MMX as your gateway to discovering what Zimbabwe has to offer in your creative process. 

Victoria Falls


Honde Valley




Zambezi River









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