About In-Store

Educate, Engage and Entertain Your Customers Through Multiple Digital Platforms


MMX In-Store roll out comprehensive solutions to digitaly transform businesses, reaching customers visually, audiably and on their personal devices. 

Businesses not investing in digital platforms risk their market position to those moving forward with technical advances. Can you afford not to?


Centrally controlled scheduling, professional music playlists, regular audio productions at MMX studios to announce your ads and promotions, monthly reporting and recovered revenues through 3rd party sales on your radio platform - MMX can manage your radio network so you can think about other things. 


A range of professional screens, on which you opt for simple looped singage, interactive touch screen signage, or robust management solutions that link into the back end of your ERP systems. Choose your level of sophistication and we can assist with softare and hardware best suited to your needs.


The latest developments in wifi technology open up new ways to reach into the pockets and personal devices of your customers as they come into your retail space. At no data cost they can browse your productions, transact, learn, and engage with you on live chats and interactive call-to-action campaigns - with digital rewards all conveiently delivered to their personal phones. It's where it's all going, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg... 


MMX has a solution in the market that combines all 3 digital platforms into one single hardware unit, read more about it (together with a range of alternative solutions) at the AfrooNET website - www.afroonet.com