In-Store Radio

Setting the right ambience for your customers in store is a must in todays competitive retail environment. Music can change a persons mood in an instant: it plays right into their buying habits and your bottom line. 

Pick Your Genre

Choose the right genre of music to suit your customer base and demographic - all with fully licenced music playlists that are regularly updated to keep your music fresh. You can even have different 'channels' for different retail chains, if you are aiming at a different customer with different advertising.

Integrate your Advertising 

You decide how you schedule your own advertising throughout the day - and get back end reporting on what has played where & when if you need it.

Sell your airtime to other people

You can even place advertising for other people, on your in-store network, and charge them for it.

Some of the main benefits of In-Store Radio include:

  • Increase in-store dwell time by creating a positive and bright atmosphere.
  • A cost effective tool to advertise and entertain in-store.
  • Radio ads and jingles can be bulk produced at our professional sound studio.
  • On-selling of radio spots to 3rd parties can bring down the over-head cost.
  • All music is checked and screened for sensitive lyric content.
  • All music is licensed and copyright inclusive.