In-Store Radio

Create Your Own In House Radio Station


Setting the right mood and ambience for your customers in store is a must in todays competitive retail environment. Music can change a persons mood in an instant, making them either upbeat and happy or sad. This plays right into their buying habits and affects your bottom line. 

All businesses have a different customer base and demographic which they sell to, that’s why we provide a unique and customized in-store music solution for each one of our clients. Let us taylor the best music playlists and advertising for your brand and help you distribute your message effectively throughout your network.

Some of the main benefits of In-Store Radio include:

  • Increase in-store dwell time by creating a positive and bright atmosphere.
  • A cost effective tool to advertise and entertain in-store.
  • Radio ads and jingles can be bulk produced at our professional sound studio.
  • On-selling of radio spots to 3rd parties can bring down the over-head cost.
  • All music is checked and screened for sensitive lyric content.
  • All music is licensed and copyright inclusive.



MMX In-Store are agents for Barix in the region. We have been using the system since 2015. By choosing a proven international solution for your radio network, you are taking the risk out of your implementation. 

BARIX Head Quarters are in Zurich, Switzerland - catering for many international customers across the Education, Hospitality, Retail and Transportation sectors.