Tilta Follow Focus
This follow focus is for 15mm Rod Support Systems. Easy to set up and ideal for for flexible focus pulling. This follow focus has 2 hard stops. Fits our Samyang Prime lenses.
Shoulder Mount
With this nice shoulder mount you can make stady handheld images. Can be fitted to many different camera models, including DSLR.
Matte Box
This click on Matte Box has 2 4x4 filter sliders and comes with a french flag. It has a 77mm Ø donut and fits our Samyang Prime Lenses and our EX3 cameras.
Camera Filters 4×4 Glas
To go with our matte boxes we offer the following 4x4 filters: ND3+ND6 Soft edge grad ND3+ND6 Hard edge grad ND3+ND6 Polarizer
Panasonic BT-LH1700W
Panasonic BT-LH80WE 17 inch Multi-Format HD/SD broadcast monitor with integral waveform display. It has SDI/Video in. It comes in a handy flight case and mount for stand. V-Lock battery option available. Ideal for commercial productions as client monitor.
Panasonic BT-LH80WE
Panasonic BT-LH80WE 7.9 inch Multi-Format HD/SD monitor with integral waveform display and focus assist. It has SDI/Video in. Comes with 4 batteries, BNC cable and a double charger. Ideal as a field monitor.
TVLogic VFM-056WP 5.6" Monitor
5.6 1280 x 800 3G-SDI HDMI Monitor BNC connectors. Comes with camera mount.
Go Pro Suction Cup
This suction cup let s you rig the Go Pro camera on any flat surface. Ideal for car mount.
Go Pro Chest Mount
This chest mount let s you rig the Go Pro camera on your body. Ideal for action shots and when you need both hands free while shooting.
Go Pro Head Mount
This mount let s you rig the camera on your head or helmet. Ideal for action shots.
Motorola 5522 Intercom System
These two way radios have at least a 2 km range in flat, open spaces. They have 8 channels. The set includes 6 walkies with 4 ear-pieces and microphones.
Clapper Board
Clapper board incl. pen.
Sekonic DigiCinemate Light Meter
The perfect light meter for todays DSLR and digital practitioners. The intuitive LCD readout can be user-adjusted to display the specific functions needed for the task at hand. Slide the Lumisphere for reflected light readings. In Cine mode the meter reads out in lux or foot-candles as well as fps (frames per second) and shutter angles.
Gaffer tape
A common application for gaffer tape is securing cables to a stage floor, podium, or other surface, either for safety or concealment.
Tiffen Variable ND Filter 62mm
This lens offers a unique way of maintaining total control over your depth of field as well as presenting an efficient way to create some special effects. Built-in rotating ring controls neutral density ranging from 2 - 8 stops (0.6- 2.4). With this one filter, you can rotate to the degree of ND you want - a real time and money saver.
Luminesque Filter 77mm UV Protector and Circular Polarizer
This lens is well-suited to all forms of photography. The circular polarizer filter helps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface. This results in a noticeable increase in the saturation of skies and foliage, as well as clearer imagery when photographing in hazy conditions.