Grips & Stands

FlexTrak Dolly
This versatile dolly allows you to move the camera smoothly. The tracks are flexible, so you can make any curve you like. Included 1 set of tracks for 5 meters. With the additional track you get 12 meters. Tripod not included.
Portable Dolly
This is a light weight, portable dolly with aluminium tracks. Set up within minutes. 3.60 meters of tracks.
Porta Jib Traveller
This Jib Arm goes up to 2,30 Meters and comes in a portable bag. It includes a tripod and has a 75mm bowl. Camera Head not included.
Kessler Cine Slider
This slider is 1,2 meters long and comes with a crank handle and drag control. Comes with optional camera head.
The most versatile stand for any purpose. Includes gobo head and gobo arm.
Baby C-Stand
The little brother of the c-stand. Ideal for getting lights very low. Including gobo head and gobo arm.
Strong Riser (3 sections) on Wheels
This sturdy riser has 3 sections, a gobo head and comes on wheels, which can be taken off if need be. Goes up to 4.20 meters.
Riser (2 sections) strong
This sturdy riser has 2 sections and is ideal to mount bigger lamps like HMI s. Up to 2.90 meters.
Riser (2 sections) medium
This riser has 2 sections and is ideal to mount medium sized lamps lamps like Arri 2 kw Fresenel. Up to 2.90 meters.
Low boy
This riser has 2 sections and is ideal to mount many types of lamps low. Up to 2.00 meters.
Light stand
Your everyday light stand. 2 sections. Up to 2.80 meters.
Light stand small
Your everyday light stand, just a bit smaller. 2 sections. Up to 2.20 meters.
Super Clamp
Ideal for rigging lights and other things. Spigot included.
Gaffa Grip
Versatile tool for reflector boards and rigging lights. Ask for spigot.
Magic Arm
A simple, but magic device for al sorts of rigging.
Mathews Clamp
Strong enough to withstand greater clamping pressure than any other clamp of its kind. The protective pads in the jaws have superb gripping action.
Magic Arm - Zaguto Mini
For all your view finder and on board monitor needs.
Apple box
These boxes are specialized pieces of equipment belonging to the grip department