Sound Equipment

Sound Devices 552
Portable 5-Channel Production Mixer and Stereo Recorder. This is the ideal production sound solution for simple shoots where a single boom and say up to two or more lapel mics are used. It is mainly used as a sound mixer but has the added benefit of an in-built stereo recorder.
The original broadcast quality stereo portable mixer for TV, film and radio locations. The SQN-4S has been the unrivalled Industry standard portable audio mixer since it was the first to arrive on the scene back in 1984. This is a nice simple solution for mixing sound on small shoots.
AUDIO LTD Envoy Wireless Radio Mic Kit
This Envoy radio mic kit comes with a DPA lapel mic included. It delivers high quality sound over wireless with minimal dropout. Both units are powered by a 9 volt battery and the receiver unit can also be powered by a v-lock power pack option if many units need powering.
Juicedlink preamp / mixer for DSLR
The Riggy-Assist is typically used as a low-noise preamp front end for recording devices which lack headphones and meters visible while recording. This together with the RODE Videomic is a great solution for getting better sound on DSLR shoots.
Boom Pole
2.5m Carbon Fibre Telescopic Boom Pole.
We have an assortment of headphones available. Sennheiser HD-25, HD201, HD215, HD490.
Sennheiser MKH-60 P48 Short Shotgun Microphone
This is the newer update to the industry standard MKH-416. It s a very natural sounding mic which can be used for most applications both in and outdoors.
Shotgun Microphone Zeppelin Windjammer
This shotgun microphone mount and windjammer can be handheld or attached to a boom pole.
Sound Mixer Shoulderbrace
Shoulderbraces come together with all our sound mixers, making recording in the field more comfortable.