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Streaming Services

CV19 has set off an exponential trend towards the live streaming of events and services. Getting the technical side right is crucial to maintain a professional delivery. From simple single camera setups, to more elaborate multi-camera productions, MMX ensures that your audio, visual and software settings are correct, and the streaming experience is professional, so that you can focus on your core business at hand.

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Our typical livestream setup

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Our live streams start with a simple single camera setup going up to a total of four if you're looking for a more elaborate multicam production . We work in HD 1080p since most live internet streams go out in this format or even less at 720p. We have a range of camera lenses that allow us to capture the event using zoom or wide angles.

Fiber Internet is the most reliable connection for streaming live video and we like to test this a few days before at the event location. We advise a speed of at least 10MB/s both UP and DOWN and one can expect a usage of around 4GB per hour. We also supply an LTE mobile router which is always on standby in the event of an internet breakdown or slow internet speed.

Backup power is most important at any event but when you add live streaming to the mix it should be a given. We advise all our clients to run on generator if they know the electricity is unreliable in their area. We do have a mobile 1500W inverter that we can bring on special request which runs all our cameras, sound and streaming equipment.

At the end of each event we will provide you with a basic high definition edit of the event. Media and titles can be added at this stage depending on your requirements. A private Google drive link will be sent to your email address where you will have the option to view and download the final edit.

We make sure that all our events go out with pristine quality audio. A lot of attention to detail is taken in capturing the ambience, speeches and any other live musical performances should they take place. Any music, audio, video or presentations to be shared must be supplied to us at least 24 hours in advance.

Should you want a quick turn around quotation please follow this link below and provide us with all the details of your event. We will call you back once you've submitted the form to follow up.

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