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Rental Terms

MMX Rental is run by professional film makers, and we know that the film and media industry sometimes works in mysterious ways. That is why we want to be a flexible and reliable partner for your production. In order to achieve this, please help us by reading and following the terms below:


  • Please book the equipment you need in advance to ensure the availability of the equipment you need. Email

  • MMX Rental will send you a quotation by e-mail, stating the exact items you want to book, the quantity, the time period and the rental price, including any discount you might be eligible for.

  • Please notice that some of the more delicate equipment can only be rented by people or companies with a proven track record or other proof to ensure they can handle the equipment. MMX Rental reserves the right to refuse renting out to people or companies that do not live up to these standards.

  • The booking may be cancelled by the client up to 48 hours prior to the beginning of the rental period stated in the quotation without any consequences. If you wish to cancel within 48 hours of the beginning of the rental period, you will be charged 50% of the rental fee stated in the quotation. If you want to cancel on the first day of the rental period, you will be charged a full day’s rental.

Pickup & Return

  • The minimum rental period is one day and starts at 8.00 the first day and ends at 17.00 on the last day of the period. If you want to get the gear earlier or deliver it back later, you need to make special arrangements with the office.

  • If you fail to pick up the gear, MMX Rental will charge you for a full day and reserves the right to rent the booked equipment out to other parties.

  • If you fail to return the equipment to the MMX Rental offices within the agreed upon rental period, you will be charged a full days rent for all equipment for every day until the equipment is returned to MMX Rental, no matter what might have caused the delay.

  • If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of the expiration of the rental period and you have not returned the equipment, we consider the equipment stolen and will take legal actions against you.

  • When you return the equipment, MMX Rental will need to inspect the equipment for damage. You will be made responsible for any damage detected during this inspection.

  • All data carrying items such as SD cards or other recording media rented from MMX Rental are being deleted upon return to the MMX Rental. It is your sole responsibility to make copies of this data. MMX Rental shall under no circumstance be made responsible for any loss of data.


  • You are solely responsible for the equipment while it is in your possession. You agree to handle the equipment in a professional manner and only use it for the purpose it is intended to. You are responsible for all the people handling the equipment to be adequately trained to do so in a professional and responsible manner.

  • You are responsible to provide adequate and secure transportation for the equipment during the whole rental period. MMX Rental reserves the right to refuse the hand out of the equipment until such transportation is provided by you at your own cost, including rental charges for the equipment for as long as this transportation is not provided. Using public transport is not acceptable. 

  • Do not leave the equipment unattended at any time and store the equipment in a safe and adequate location while not in use. Storing any equipment in vehicles overnight unless in a secure lockup garage is not acceptable. 

  • Be aware that some of the equipment is temperature sensitive. Do not leave it exposed to heat or cold for extended periods of time.

  • In the event of damage to the equipment, contact us straight away. Under no circumstances try to repair the damaged equipment yourself.

  • If the equipment get’s stolen, you need to inform us and report the theft to the police straight away. You need to bring a copy of the police report to the MMX Rental offices as soon as possible.

  • MMX Rental does not take any responsibility for any losses or consequences you might suffer from failure or misuse of the equipment. If any or parts of any equipment malfunction or break without your fault, MMX Rental will try to replace the broken equipment or come up with an alternative solution as quickly as possible, but within reason. MMX Rental will not be responsible for any loss suffered by you during this time.

  • The rental equipment may only be used within Zimbabwe, unless specifically agreed upon. If you need to use the equipment outside of Zimbabwe, MMX Rental can help with this at your cost and for additional charges.

Security Deposit

  • There is a 10% US$ cash deposit on all equipment rentals with a US$30 minimum if the 10% deposit fee is less than this. If you are taking out HMI lighting, cameras, electronic gear or lenses there is a minimum of a US$100 deposit.  Once ALL GEAR is returned in good order without any breakages or loss the deposit shall be returned to you. If the equipment is very dirty or returned in poor order there is a US$30 cleaning fee which is withheld from the deposit.


  • All payment must be done in advance by bank transfer (at least 3 working days before pick up) or in cash on pick up day of the equipment. The amount to be paid is the amount stated in the quotation you have accepted. First time renters need to get registered before any equipment is handed over to them. Please allow for extra time for this process when picking up the equipment.

  • No refund is given to you, if you choose to return the equipment before the rental period is expired, unless specific arrangements are made with MMX Rental.

MMX Terms and Conditions 2022

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